How to Remove Hair From Carpet

Top tips to easily remove pet hair from your carpet

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How to Remove Hair from Carpet

No matter who you are, if your home has carpeting, it's bound to amass a decent amount of hair over time. Whether it's from people, pets, or carried in from the outdoors, carpets will stubbornly cling on to hairs for a long time if you don't do anything about them. Fortunately, these carpet cleaning methods can help you keep your home from becoming a hairy mess! You'll want to set aside enough time and make sure you have the energy, as it can be a meticulous process.

How do you get Dog Hair out of Carpet?

  1. Before getting started, vacuum your carpet to get rid of as much hair and debris as possible.

  2. Fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of fabric softener. Spray your carpet evenly (don't overdo it) to dampen the hairs, which makes it cleaning carpet fibers much easier as the hairs will clump together and stick to your cleaning tool.

  3. Use a brush with hard bristles - a tile scrubber might even do the trick. Or, you can use a rubber squeegee from a hardware store, or rubber pet brush commonly sold at pet stores. The rubber easily clings to the hair particles for pickup.

  4. Brush the rug with your carpet cleaning tool gently without forcing it on the rug. If you brush to hard, you'll just move the hairs around. Use a gentle sweeping motion, almost like when you use a broom. You'll essentially be pulling the hairs towards you. Discard as needed with each sweep.

Best Way to Get Hair out of Carpet

Another method you can use is quite simple - a sponge mop. Get a large sponge, dampen with water, and stroke across your carpet. The moisture will pick up stray hairs and fur. Of course, it's always helpful to prevent hair buildup on your carpet in the first place by consistently grooming your pets and disposing the fur. 

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