Best Flooring for Pets

Karastan All Pet Protection

What is the Best Type of Flooring for Pets?

Constantly having to clean up after your pet can be annoying. Yes, you love your pet, but the hair, stains, and smell is ruining your carpet. Luckily, Karastan SmartStrand Forever Clean and Silk Forever Clean is making it possible for carpets and pets to live coherently. 

For many homeowners with pets, it can be hard finding a floor that can stand up to the scratches, accidents, and odors. Some may assume that having a carpet is the worst idea, but Karastan’s All Pet Protection & Warranty gives you the assurance you need. 

Best Flooring for Pets that have Accidents

Karastan SmartStrand is known for its softness, durability and easy maintenance. Now, with the All Pet warranty, you a covered all the time for any pet and any accident. Nonetheless, the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet is able to standup to pre-related stains, spills, and odors while still maintaining its softness and color. 

Top Benefits of the SmartStrand Forever Clean

  • 0% Moisture Absorptions prevents accidents from absorbing into the carpet fiber and reduces pet-related odors.

  • Naturally, Stain Free with no dye sites for spills. 

  • Easy to clean

  • Has a Nonaloc Spill and Soil Shield which encapsulates the fiber making it 3x easier to remove pet hair, soil, and dander. 

  • The SmartStreand Silk Forever Clean allows you to have continued softness with performance. This collection has 700 silk-like fibers in one strand of yarn allowing the carpet to maintain its appearance after 60,000 steps (which is 3X more than other nylon carpets).

To learn more about the Karastan All Pet Protection & Warranty, as well as our other pet proof carpets, contact Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home or visit our showroom in Laguna Niguel, CA. 

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