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Top Rated Carpet Brand

Rugs and carpets have come a long way over the years and have advanced tremendously. With more colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you may have wondered why you waited so long to update your carpet. However, at Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home we do understand that customers still tend to be off put by carpet and rugs due to the maintenance. Nonetheless, the Karastan brand is changing the carpet and rug norm.

karastan carpet and rug

Karastan Carpet Colors

Known for its quality backing, finishes, craftsmanship, strong carpet fibers, and density, Karastan is setting the standard for all carpet and rug brands. Additionally, The Karastan collection is either woven or tufted, which creates beautiful finishes. 

Karastan Carpet Constructions

Due to Karastan’s high pile yarn and closeness of weaves, the rug and carpets density is stronger than most of its leading competitors. Also, unlike carpet and rugs in the past, Karastan carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a more defined look and stronger performance against wear and tear. No longer will you have to worry about kids and pets ruining your soft surface floor every time they walk across it. The Karastan fibers will leave your carpet and rug looking brand new years down the road, and will make cleaning a breeze. You no longer will have to break out the vacuum the second you see dirt on the floor, for the tight fiber weaves keep it from falling deep into the carpet. 

Best Carpets for Living Rooms

The Karastan difference means transforming your room into the cozy oasis you always dreamed of and not having to worry about it being ruined by children, teens, and pets. Karastan is constantly creating top of the line products and improving its rugs and carpet technology. 

Why Choose Karastan Rugs

Karastan’s original “Wonder Rug” made a statement at two World’s Fairs, where millions of people walked on and marked up the rug. Karastan proved is durability by cleaning half of the rug and returning it back to its original state. Their area rugs stood up to heavy foot traffic, spills, and stains. Karastan proved that achieving the beauty of a hand-woven rug was possible by machine, and that their rugs can handle everyday life in the modern home.

Today, Karastan rugs are still known for their durability. Now, these rugs come in a wide variety of styles other than oriental. Karastan even makes rugs using their broadloom carpets. Karastan offers their products at an affordable price so that everyone could relish in their beauty and comfort.

Keeping you in mind isn’t just the Karastan difference, it is Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home’s difference.  To learn more about our Karastan inventory, contact us today or visit our store in Dewitt, NY.