Hallmark Hardwood

Get a vintage European Look in your home

When it comes to high-quality hardwood brands, we aren’t short on options at Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home. With available brands such as Kahrs Hardwood and Du Chateau, you have a wide selection of hardwood floors to choose from that will fit any budget and style. Nonetheless, Hallmark Hardwood continues to be a popular brand for the Laguna Niguel and Orange County areas. The wire brushed textures, uniquely crafted natural looks, and eco-friendly constructions make it a standout among others.

Hallmark Hardwood offers a variety of collections to choose from, and out of those, we provide the Ventra, Alta Vista, and Monterey collections. Though each collection has similarities in regards to their engineered constructions for higher stability and finishes for stain and fade resistance, each also has unique features.

Ventura Collection

The Ventura Hardwood Collection is known for its naturally aged and weathered look. If you are looking for a hardwood finish that is modern-contemporary with a hand-crafted look, then Ventura is your collection. Ventura is crafted out of French White Oak and is finished with NuOil for stain resistance. Additionally, Ventura’s allows you to pick from a range of natural colors.

Alta Vista Collection

The Alta Vista collection is the perfect complement to a home looking to create a vintage European look. This collection is crafted out of real French White Oak, which is considered to be a premiere hardwood. In the past, French White Oak was used for flooring and shipbuilding due to its stability. With Alta Vista, you aren’t just getting the look of worn hardwood from centuries past, but natural strength topped with the NuOil finish. The Alta Vista collection is one of a kind due to its European inspiration. Go back in time with this rich color pallet.

Monterey Collection

Similar to Alta Vista, the Monterey collection was also influenced by the historical European designs. The Monterey collection truly stands out with its random width planks. These hardwood floors are crafted from maple and hickory and cut at random widths. This provides a unique look to the floors that will be become the new focal point in your home. Additionally, the Monterey collection is finished with the subtle Truemark Glaze Teck for extra durability and depth. The Monterey collection combines the look of European hardwood designs with today’s demand for random width planks.

To learn more about the unique and durable Hallmark Hardwood floors, contact Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home, or visit our showroom in Laguna Niguel, CA.

We continue to provide Hallmark Hardwood to the areas of Laguna Niguel and Orange County, CA.