Du Chateau Hardwood

Luxurious, Unique, and Hand-sculpted hardwood

Du Chateau Hardwood

Du Chateau, a luxurious name for a luxurious hardwood brand. Though the available hardwood brands at Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor and home offer high-quality floors, Du Chateau has become a household name in Laguna Niguel area due to its grades, variety of natural looks, and Hard-Wax Finish.

Aged/ Natural look

Du Chateau is known for its two grades, which is smoothed and old-world floor. The smooth hardwood grade is for homeowners looking for consistency in their floors without distressing. Not only does the smooth grade provides uniformity in the woods grade, but minimizes the variation of color between planks. 
Besides the smooth grade look, Du Chateau hardwood also offers an antique look, which highlights the woods natural patterns, knots, and cracks. This grade is perfect for homeowners looking to add texture to their floors, and unique features. 

When it comes to the aged character grade, there is more the process compared to a smooth grade. To give the floors a vintage look while still being durable, the hardwood floors are hand sculpted. Other hardwood brands with hand scrape the hardwood f, but hand sculpting ensures natural distressing that will enhance the woods organic features. 
Along with hand sculpting the hardwood, Du Château also smokes the floor, which gives the hardwood a darker gray. However, the treatment depends on the deepness of the color. By smoking the hardwood, your floor is getting an authentic rustic look with more color variation. Keep in mind, if you are not looking for color variation in your hardwood floors, Du Chateau provides a variety of color gradients with minimal variation. 


Having a durable hardwood floor is just as important as style, and Du Château has combined style with strength. Using carbonization and wire brushing, the texture and natural features of the hardwood are exposed further. By wire brushing the hardwood, the soft wood is removed creating more durable floors that are impact resistant. Additionally, the carbonization exposes the wood to extreme heat and freezing temperatures, which strengthens the wood. 

To ensure strength, the Hard Wax Oil finish offers natural matte finishes that are non-pollutant, non-toxic, and VOC Free for healthier living.
If you desire a hardwood floor that is unique, authentic, and natural, then Du Chateau is the hardwood brand for you. At this time, our Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home stores offer the Vernal, Strata, and Heritage collections. 

To learn more about Du Chateau, contact Tuttle’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Laguna Niguel, CA.