COREtecUneven floors can be an issue in some homes. Even the best floor installers may have a hard time if you have wet areas. Nonetheless, the latest revolution in luxury vinyl flooring is changing the way we think about flooring. COREtec has come on the flooring scene with its stability, eco-friendly materials, and water resistant capabilities. Yet, many of you may wonder what is so special about all that?

Recycled Material

When looking for flooring you may have to decide between look, durability, and being eco-friendly. Luckily COREtec has created 100% waterproof products made out of recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC. And don’t worry, all that recycled material doesn’t look ridiculous. Instead you get a gorgeous floor that looks incredibly similar to real wood floors, but without the high price. 


Even installation has become easier. Unlike your traditional LVT and laminate floors that require glue and solid locking to stay in place, COREtec products are floating floors. This means, uneven floors are no longer an issue when installing because its cork underlayment creates a smooth finish and corrects any inconsistencies. 
Along with its stability, COREtec does not swell, expand, or contract and never needs expansion strips in large rooms. 

All the COREtec products, including PLUS, XL, HD, and Design offer quieter and warmer vinyl that is resistant to any odor causing mold or mildew. 
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