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Top Rated Carpet Trends

When it comes to carpet flooring, you have to look at it as an investment for your home. Some trends are going to come and go, but there are timeless styles that can be incorporated. This provides you with a durable and enduring aesthetic that can match a variety of furnishings and decor.

Popular Carpet Colors for Living Rooms

It’s important to choose the right color for your home. Neutral has always been a favorite because it’s unobtrusive. Whether you choose soft brown, beige, or even a dusky gray, it can hide dirt very well. Particularly if you have children or pets in the house, this can be extremely helpful.
Should you ever choose to put your house on the market, buyers are going to respond better to neutral colors. This means that even though pink or blue may match with your furnishings, it may not match with someone else’s. This means that if you plan on selling your home any time within the next 5 to 7 years, a neutral color is going to be more appealing to potential buyers.

Modern Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

Patterns are popular with carpeting, and much of this is because it can add visual interest. Patterns can leave the eye and creative, that brings people from one area to another. Should you have solid colored drapes and furniture, it can provide the needed contrast. Patterns also have the ability to hide a significant amount of dirt. High-traffic areas particularly can benefit from this type of carpet because it will show dirt that is tracked in.

Modern Carpet Trends

another component of carpeting that you will see is that closed loop carpet. This is something that dominated the industry throughout the 1990's, especially when Berber rose in demand. They continue to be popular today because they are capable of resisting a significant amount of dirt and stains area there is a tighter weave to closed loop carpet flooring, and this keeps dirt out. It’s easy to maintain, and should the fibers become stained, it can hide the damage easier.

Understanding the various carpet trends will make it easier for you to select a carpet that is timeless for your own home. Even though you may want to incorporate some of the latest trends, it may not provide you with the overall value that you need. Further, you have to consider the carpet’s ability to hide stains and present attractively all year, every year.

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