Bamboo Flooring Laguna Niguel, CA

Having beautiful hardwood floors in your home has long been a sought after commodity, but in our current climate of seeking out resources that are more sustainable and renewable, the negative environmental impact of traditional hardwood floors makes them a poor choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.  Fortunately, there are several attractive and eco-friendly options on the market now to choose from, and one of the best alternative to hardwood is beautiful, durable bamboo.

What Do Bamboo Floors Look Like?
If you aren’t familiar with the look of bamboo flooring, the stylish pattern that emerges in the making of the floors, which involves cutting the bamboo stalk into strips and laminating them with a protective sealant, resembles a tightly grained, slightly more exotic version of the hardwood floor most people are familiar with.  The visible ends and unique notches of the bamboo strips set their look apart from other forms of flooring and provide a refreshingly modern aesthetic.  Bamboo flooring can be made with a variety of stains and the width of the strips cut for the floors can be altered to change the look to suit your home.
What Other Advantages Does Bamboo Flooring Offer?
The resiliency of bamboo flooring is actually higher than that of traditional hardwood, and is more resistant to the nicks and damage commonly caused by furniture or everyday living.  Bamboo floors are also very tolerant of a wide range of climates, and able to withstand heat and humidity, meaning it can be used in any room of your house.  And because bamboo naturally expands and contracts much less than hardwood floors, it’s unlikely to bulge or warp over time.
Beautiful and Renewable

All of these factors are contributing to the steadily rising popularity of bamboo flooring as the smart choice for your home, and because bamboo plants are hearty enough and grow quickly enough to produce multiple harvests per plant, you can feel good about making not only the stylish choice, but also the most environmentally responsible one.