Healthier Living Installation

HLI: The Healthier Living Installation

There’s more to carpet than just the material or design. An important aspect is actually often overlooked since it is assumed to be the same across the board, and that’s how to install carpet. While it may seem like a pretty standard process, the method of installation can have a sizeable impact on the end result. At Tuttle’s Carpet One in Laguna Niguel, CA, we have an exclusive, special and effective method of installation unlike any other. Our flooring installation method is called the Healthier Living Installation, and we are proud to offer it and share its benefits with you!

So let’s get into it. What exactly is HLI, anyway?

The Major Features of HLI

HLI is a step-by-step process that involves a number of beneficial added elements. The three steps are:

1. We prepare by using a strong HEPA vacuum on the subfloor which removes any remnants of the old flooring. This HEPA vacuum will filter out 99% of unwanted particles and dust that many other vacuums often leave behind.

2. We treat the newly cleaned subfloor with an antimicrobial wash that inhibits any bacteria, mold or mildew from growing. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, this treatment will help greatly to alleviate sensitivity!

3. We install the new carpet with a hypoallergenic cushion under it. This cushion protects the subfloor as well as the carpet above. The hypoallergenic cushion also helps to prevent more bacteria from growing and causing doors, and against spills from seeping in and causing permanent damage.

HLI is changing the way carpet is installed across home everywhere, and we’re proud to offer it! For more info, call us or come in today. Tuttle’s Carpet One is proud to serve homes throughout South Orange County.

For more information about our installation methods and everything you need to know, watch this video by the Carpet One experts!